Regenerative medicine, a multi-disciplinary field that involves engineering, science, and clinical expertise, represents a shift in how human pathology is addressed. These clinical products include cellular therapies, agents that trigger natural pathways of regeneration, genetic or pharmacologic vehicles, biomaterials, and complex tissue engineered products comprised of organized living human cells. The hope of these products is to replace or restore function to tissues and organs compromised by injury or disease.

User-inspired technical challenges previously identified by an industry-led partnership will be addressed in collaboration with partner institutions through Innovation, Translation, and Education Cores (ITEC’s) that will be established, each focused on a broad area of unmet need. The ITEC’s will focus on Development and Manufacturing, Biomaterials and Bioengineering, In-Space Manufacturing, and Workforce Development will be located with WFIRM, NC A&T, WSSU, Forsyth Tech, and ReMDO respectively.

The five ITECs bring together and draw upon the resources and talent available through the region and includes 12 focused components: WFIRM, partnering institutions of higher education, education and workforce development programs, ReMDO, the Regenerative Manufacturing Innovation Consortium (RegMIC), the RemDO Clinical Trial Catalyst program, investment partners, non-profit organizations and economic development partners, government partners, the ReMDO Test Bed, ReMDO Innovation Accelerator with start-ups and emerging regional companies, and In-Space biomanufacturing in partnership with Axiom Space, NASA and the International Space Station. In-Space biomanufacturing will provide opportunities to explore a new frontier for tissue and organ regeneration in microgravity, adding significant forward-thinking engagement and workforce development through the in-space ITEC.

The Team

Graça Almeida-Porada, MD, PhD

Anthony Atala, MD

Steven Bauer, PhD

Salil Desai, PhD

Gary Green, EdD

Emily Gregg

Ron Hann, PhD

Joshua Hunsberger, PhD

Jill Keith, PhD

Brenda Lathem-Sadler, MD

Russ H. Read

Del Ruff 

Jana Stoudemire

Tim Wright, MD